Under Construction: Policies that Shape the New York Child Welfare System

Join Youth Voices Rising as we explore two specific policies “Family First Prevention Services Act” which promotes foster placement with family or close friends (kin) rather than in group homes and the “Raise the Age” bill which will allow 16 and 17-year-olds to be placed into the juvenile justice system. Often, these teens become “crossover […]

Social Worker 411

Hear from social workers across the country about their experiences working with children and families. This is your opportunity to ask the questions you’ve been wanting to ask of social workers and learn what their workday looks like.

Foster Care to Prison Pipeline

Join Youth Voices Rising as we discuss the many systems foster youth are often pipelined through. Panelists will speak of experiences that led them from foster care to juvenile incarceration and discuss the connection between the foster care and juvenile justice systems.

Supporting Reunification & Building Family Bonds

Join Youth Voices Rising for a conversation about community as they speak to panelists with lived experiences and their bio and foster families to discuss how they all worked together. Panelists will offer advice to social workers on best practices to cultivate relationships between bio and resource parents.

Mentoring Youth in Foster Care

Fostering Families Today teams up with Youth Voices Rising to offer tips on how to take your foster parenting to the next level with intentional mentoring and build a team of support for the teens in your family.

Clearing Hurdles: How Schools Can Foster Student Success

Foster youth often face many barriers that threaten their academic achievement. Join Youth Voices Rising as we explore ways school officials and staff can cultivate positive relationships with youth while they’re in high school and in college. Panelists will discuss how schools can better support foster youth and how mentorship can be effective. A probation/school […]

Building Bridges of Connection

Fostering Families Today is back with another conversation on growing relationships between caregivers and bio families. Hear from families who build these relationships every day, with suggestions on how you too can create these connections to benefit the children in your family.

Foster Care Survivors’ Guilt

In celebrating themselves after care, foster youth often experience distorted feelings of guilt and negative thoughts about themselves. Join Youth Voices Rising as our panelists describe how traumatic experiences led to their “survivor’s guilt.” Our panelists will also provide tools to deal with PTSD, lack of reunification, and lack of support for TAY after exiting […]