Single Mother Struggling to Get By With Two Sons

Candace Ortiz is a college student and single mom in Southern California.

Candace Ortiz was close to finishing her associate’s degree when the coronavirus health measures drove her math class online, and now she’s worried about passing the course, among many other worries. Photo courtesy of Candace Ortiz

Hello, my name is Candace Ortiz and I’m currently attending Cerritos College, and I am majoring in child development to obtain an associate’s degree in early childhood education. I was attending my last child development course for my degree and then suddenly, class had to be formatted online due to the coronavirus going around. It was unexpected to have online classes because I did not have a laptop at the time until recently I reached out for help to get one. I also have two children who were being watched by my mother while I was in school. Since there are no more in-person classes, I have lost child care, so getting my homework and other things done is difficult.

I can only do homework while the kids are asleep, and this is at 11 p.m. Also, I am a visual learner and a hands-on person for my math class, and I am afraid of not being able to pass the course. It is not the same as being in the class and looking at the professor teach us the material in the math class, and being able to seek out help when needed and not have to wait for the professor to reply back in the email when you’re in need of help right then and there. It is unfair honestly that the virus is impacting all of our education in a bad way. And it is also impacting the teachers as well, they have to upload every course and teach us from there.

I am very afraid of not being able to pass the course due to the virus since my professor does not have the knowledge of using Canvas to do our homework, and it is very scary because I do not want to repeat this course. I will be delayed in obtaining my degree and also seeking out future jobs to help out my family and have money for my boys. Not only did this virus impact my education at college, it has also impacted my home as well. I had to be stocked up on food and basic needs since we have to stay home now until April 30 and I was late for rent and short on rent as well. I had to buy groceries for the whole week to be able to feed my boys and myself while we are on quarantine.

This virus is so negative, and I hope this is over soon so I can obtain my degree and seek out jobs to work for my family to get their needs met. I honestly hope this virus gets resolved so I can go to college, and my kids can go back to school as well. Their education is being impacted by this virus as well. I am also helping my children learn their shapes and curriculum in school as well.

Candace Ortiz is a former foster child and single mother of two amazing boys: Lionel and Isaac Ulysses. She is currently attending Cerritos College in Norwalk, California, to obtain an associate’s degree in early childhood education. Her goal is to open a low-income preschool for families.

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