Imprint Author

Sky Lea Ross

Sky Lea Ross is a doctoral candidate, trauma therapist, published author, and social justice/human rights advocate. Born and raised in the poorer parts of Northern Pasadena, Sky had to navigate the resources available to her at a very young age. Having a family history of chronic mental & physical health conditions as well as disabilities, she was exposed to abuse/neglect & went into foster care at age 16. This opened more doors for her, introduced her to a loving & supportive foster mother, & allowed her to pursue higher education at UCLA, Pacific Oaks College, and The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Inspired by her early experiences with her own personal therapists, she became passionate about the field & determined to give back. Ross is currently working on her dissertation which focuses on exploring the health outcomes of early trauma on ethnic minorities (BIPOC), former foster youth, and the LGBTQIA+ population. She has dedicated her life to serving these marginalized communities, providing therapy, & educating others on the importance of mental health.