Imprint Author

Katie Buxton

With a passion for driving positive transformation in our ever-evolving world, Katie Buxton utilizes her expertise to create impactful change. She excels in developing and implementing effective processes, valuing the power of lived experience, and possesses a keen ability to zoom in on small nuances while maintaining a big-picture perspective. Buxton is committed to making a difference in the world on a daily basis. Currently, she is the Senior Associate of Operations at Think of Us, and is completing a fellowship at Treehouse for Kids in Washington state, further expanding her knowledge and impact. Buxton is also a full-time student, kinship care provider for her siblings, and is pursuing her childhood dream of being a journalist through a contributor role at Fostering Media Connections. During her free time, she actively volunteers with organizations that hold personal significance to her, including Sibling Strong and Food Lifeline. When not immersed in her work or volunteer activities, Buxton enjoys spending time with her dogs, family and friends.