Imprint Author

Jacqueline Robles

Jacqueline Robles is a policy enthusiast, consultant, and most importantly, a dog mom of two. After living in the Los Angeles foster care system in the Indian Child Welfare unit for over 15 years of her life, Robles was tired of the same statistics of Black and brown youth failing in the system. Identifying as both Indigenous and Latina, Robles was set on a career to “level the playing field” for youth of color. Robles has sat in various leadership positions to advocate and shape policy for Los Angeles’s foster youth. Currently, Robles is a consultant for the Office of Child Protection, working on a national initiative for foster youth called “Thriving Families, Safer Children.” Robles is a Youth Commissioner for the Board of Supervisors and was appointed by Board of Supervisor Janice Hahn. Robles earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business management at California State University, Long Beach and is projected to earn a master's degree in Public Policy from UCLA in June 2022.