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Elizabeth Amon

Elizabeth Amon is a freelance reporter based in Seattle, Washington and can be reached at [email protected]


Homeless in the Washington Foster Care System: Kids Left Behind After the Last Recession

The prosperity in Seattle that followed the 2008 Great Recession led to record home sales along Lake Washington and new Teslas on the roads, but the dwindling investments in housing the state’s most vulnerable foster youth are now leaving hundreds essentially homeless in the state’s care.


Homeless and in Foster Care: Hundreds of Washington Youth Sleeping in Offices, Hotel Rooms and Even Cars

Since early April, 16-year-old Espen James has spent most nights in Washington’s foster care system being shuttled from a government office by day to hotels by night. Over one long night she never left a Prius, parked with its lights on in the lot outside the Department of Social and Health Services in Bellevue, with a social worker at her side.


Student Homelessness Prevented on Washington College Campuses As New School Year Commences

In March, as college campuses nationwide began shutting down to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus and students fled home to their childhood bedrooms, foster youth and the homeless had potentially everything to lose if they were forced to turn in their dorm keys.


Legal Victory for Native Communities in Washington State Child Welfare Case

Citing the devastating history of the government-sponsored destruction of Native families, the Washington Supreme Court ruled Thursday that courts must use “a broad interpretation” in determining whether children facing removal from their parents have American Indian heritage.