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Potential ‘Landmark’ Settlement Reached on Use of Psychotropic Drugs in Foster Care

Missouri has reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit that litigants hope will set some precedent on a once-hot-button subject in child welfare: the use of psychotropic medication to treat youth in foster care.

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Lawsuit Over Psychotropics and Foster Youth Will Move Forward

U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey ruled this week that a class-action lawsuit over Missouri’s use of psychotropic medications for youth in foster care can continue. The decision moves forward a case that could potentially set some precedent on an issue that heated up in the earlier half of the decade and has taken a back burner lately: the mental health rights and treatment of vulnerable children.

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California Auditor Blasts Oversight of Psychotropic Medications for Foster Youth

A report from California’s state auditor found that children in the state’s foster care system were prescribed psychotropic medications without proper oversight from the counties responsible for their care. In response to a request from the California Joint Legislative Audit Committee about the use and oversight of these powerful medications, the office of the California State Auditor reviewed 80 case files for 80 foster children in Los Angeles, Madera, Riverside, and Sonoma Counties and analyzed existing statewide data.

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Judge OKs Class Action on Overuse of Psych Meds on Missouri Foster Youths

A federal judge has granted class-action status to a lawsuit regarding alleged overuse of psychotropic medication by Missouri’s child welfare agency. United States District Judge Nanette Laughrey announced in a decision dated July 19 that the plaintiffs in the case will include “all children in … foster care custody who presently are, or will be, prescribed or administered one or more psychotropic medications while in state care.”

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Report: Behavioral Issues, and Treatments, Plummet As Foster Youth Age Out

The number of teens in foster care who report behavioral problems and treatment for them plummets as they age out of care, according to a recent study based on a survey of California foster youth.

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New Hampshire Steps Up Monitoring of Powerful Drugs’ Use on Foster Children

New Hampshire is the latest state to step up the monitoring of medications intended to immediately control the behavior of children in foster care.

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Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Missouri Failed to Monitor Psychotropic Drugs Prescribed to Foster Youth

A boy in Missouri’s foster care system known as M.B. was placed on six psychotropic drugs at once by the age of 12. During his two and half years in care, M.B.was


Amid Pandemic, A Pharma-Backed Effort to Ease Oversight on Psych Meds

As the California Assembly struggles to begin creating new laws on Monday amid the ravages of the coronavirus pandemic, lawmakers are being urged to select only the most vital-to-the-times bills. To contain infections that have topped 43,000 in the state, there will be masks and gloves, and people seated far from each other in cavernous hearing rooms.

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California Goes After License of Dr. Patrick Clyne, Pediatrician Long Suspected of Child Abuse

The state of California has taken its first formal action to end the medical career of Santa Clara County’s former chief pediatrician for children in foster care, 20 years after allegations surfaced that he had sexually abused boys living in his home and patients as young as 6 years old.

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Calif. Family Court Process on Psych Meds Needs Improvements, Safeguards

California is one of six states that place decisions concerning psychotropic medication of foster children in the hands of the juvenile court. In 1999 the legislature, at the urging of Los Angeles County Juvenile Court Judge Terry Friedman, enacted Senate Bill 543.