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Vivek Sankaran.


It’s About More Than Four Walls and A Roof

Vivek Sankaran writes about the necessary steps beyond simply providing housing for families in crisis or need

child welfare work celebrated


The Power of Asking Why

Observing court one day, I heard one of those remarks that should stun anyone within earshot. Testifying in the case being heard, in which a family separation was on the table, the caseworker remarked, “No, I didn’t make reasonable efforts to reunify because the mother was homeless and was living in a room in a shelter.”

Child Welfare
child welfare work celebrated


Creating Space for the Pain — and Joy — of Child Welfare Work

Leaders in the child welfare legal world should foster a work culture where joy and pain can co-exist, writes Vivek Sankaran.

Child Welfare
child welfare work celebrated


Measuring What Actually Matters

When measuring the worth of child welfare lawyers, we should consider the quality of their relationships with clients, writes Vivek Sankaran.

Child Welfare
child welfare work celebrated


When Foster Youth Have Their Own Kids, Our Support Disappears

Too often, the trauma young people have experienced in foster care is assumed to be healed when they have children, writes Vivek Sankaran.

Child Welfare
child welfare work celebrated


A Court Reminds Us of the Obvious: Probable Cause Counts in Child Welfare Cases, Too

Kudos to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court for siding with parents' Fourth Amendment rights in child welfare cases, writes Vivek Sankaran.

Child Welfare
child welfare work celebrated


Get Kids with Kin, and Quickly

Research tells us that children in foster care fare much better when living with their family, but too often, there are barriers to kin placement, writes Vivek Sankaran. 

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In Court, Children are Unseen and Unheard

My 16-year old client – a young woman who had already spent several years in foster care – just wanted to share her story in court. She hoped to tell the judge the ways in which group home staff were mistreating her.

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American Bar Association Confronts Anti-Black Discrimination in Child Welfare


A Crisis Reveals the Need to Modernize Juvenile Courts

This week, I received word that many courts – including the juvenile court in which I practice – were closing. That is, for the indefinite future, my court would not be holding any hearings, other than emergency hearings, to address whether a child needs to be removed for their immediate safety.

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What Defines Success for Child Welfare Lawyers?

A year ago, I received an unexpected message on Facebook. It read: “Man we miss you how have u been. We were so devastated when u left.” Of course my curiosity compelled me to respond immediately.

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